Child Care Program

Child Care Program: A social intervention model for tackling child labor and protecting their right to education

Bayer CropScience has worked effectively to implement a comprehensive multilevel Child Care Programme (CCP), which has now been rolled out in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu where the company has contract cotton seed production. It aims at getting children off the fields of contract farmers and into the school. In line with the company policy of “zero tolerance for child labor”, the company only works with growers who confirm by contract not to employ children on their fields.

Learning for Life project - Impacting lives

• A key component of the Child Care Program is 'Learning for Life' initiative. It provides out-of-school children from cotton seed production farms with access to education.

• To that end, Bayer CropScience has entered into cooperation with Naandi Foundation, a well known NGO, to establish Creative Learning Centers.

• The Bayer- Ramanaidu Vignana Jyothi School of Agriculture trains the deserving and talented rural youth with child labour background in the areas of agronomy, crop protection, seed production and communication and helps them gain a sustainable livelihood for the life.

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